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A systematic records management program adds value to business operations by increasing operational efficiency. TCI RMS offers solutions for many different industries including

  • manufacturing
  • shiping
  • legal
  • rms-telecom
  • sme
  • retail
  • medical
  • accounts
  • hotel

Records are a valuable corporate asset, but unmanaged records cause clutter, consumes executive time. Unretrievable records may have a statutory and legal impacts as well.

We manage the complete life cycle of records, offering wide range ofservices, including:
Indexing, secure storage, retrievals, pickup & delivery, post lifecycle Secure destruction and environmental friendly disposal of shredded records for recycling.


  • Saving of office/buildings space & higher rental cost
  • Unlocking of prime office space
  • Saves lot on manpower cost
  • Reducing the time and effort required to reconstruct vital information in event of disaster, theft, or other losses




  • Safe and Secure Storage Facility
  • Complete Accessibility
  • TCI - Online Web Access
  • Unique Confidentiality with Random Storage
  • Inview Facility at Storage Centers
  • Trained Operational Team

Facility Attributes

  • Security system 24 hours a day along with CCTV Surveillance & recordings
  • NDA with all employees
  • Strict authorization and approval polices
  • All wiring are inside heavy duty conduits
  • Blometric access control ensures unauthorized people are not allowed in the storage area
  • Fie alarm systems along with smoke detectors for early detection are connected with hooters and fire extinguishers at all strategic location
  • Dynamic random storage system to ensure more security for your vital records


TCI group with a revenue of INR 24 Billion (Approx. $ 440 Million USD) is India's leading Multimodal Integrated Supply Chain Solutions Provider with a Global presence.

With expertise developed over five decades, customer centric approach and world class resources, TCI is equipped with an extensive set up of 1000 plus branch offices, a large workforce, huge fleet of customized vehicles and managed warehouse space of 9.5 million sq ft. Leveraging on its extensive infrastructure, TCI offers seamless multimodal logistics solutions and moves 2.5% of India's GDP by value.

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